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Ammonite Fossils Inspire Wonder

Ammonite fossils on Lucite bases for home décor

Our new line of home accessories features amazing authentic fossils which provide wonderful texture in any room! And you don’t even have to dig them up yourself! Our most popular have been our ammonite fossils on steel and acrylic stands in sets of three. Beautiful. But how about a little history?

According to, ammonites are probably the “most widely known fossil” and lived millions of years ago before becoming extinct with the dinosaurs. You can identify them by their ribbed, spiral shells that look like rams’ horns.

Man holding an ammonite fossil and a child holding an ammonite fossil

They were predators of the sea related to other cephalopods like octopus, squid, and cuttlefish. But they were most like the nautilus which still live and hunt in deep waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans. Their namesake is Ammon, the ram-horn headed god of Greek mythology.

Live nautilus and an ammonite fossil

While your mom and your next-door neighbor may not be decorating with ammonite fossil stands, says that, “interior designers and home lovers alike have fallen for the charms of natural minerals, rocks, fossils and shells.” They provide a sense of history as well as a patina of age to a room which foster a sense of wonder…almost awe.

Isn’t that sense of wonder, of interest, of texture and complexity what we need to delight our senses in our homes? As Sarah Williams Goldhagen stated in Welcome to Your World: How the Built Environment Shapes Our Lives, “our brains are constantly…looking for patterns and trying to create order. Items featuring organized complexity (as is often found in nature) and texture are naturally soothing to the mind.” Ah, yes…We could use a little soothing of the mind.

Need a little help? suggests starting with some “soft blues with rich tones, warm woods and glistening marble fabrics combined with natural stones and fossils (to) create a calm and sophisticated scheme.” Sounds great. But with our ammonite stands already equipped to be displayed, it’s a cinch to feature them on a buffet or console table in ANY room.

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