Table Lamps for Bedroom

How To Choose The Right Table Lamp For Your Bedroom

Table lamps are an essential part of your bedroom décor. They provide enough illumination to help turn your boring, dull space into a vibrant yet cozy hub. Sturdy and elegant bedroom nightstand lamps can also make it easier for you to read in bed or simply relax in bed while

Wall Sconces For Living Room

Choosing the Best Wall Sconces for Your Living Room

The living room is undoubtedly the most frequently used part of your home. It fills various roles, and therefore requires adequate planning and top-notch decoration techniques. Wall sconces can offer ambient lighting, especially in large open spaces like your living room. Wall-mounted sconces can also provide accent lighting, thus creating

Rooms lighting impact

Light and Life: How Your Room’s Lighting Impacts Your Emotions

Let’s face it.  We are all spending a lot more time at home these days.  And though our work establishments are generally fastidious about providing ample and appropriate lighting for their work force on the job, at home, we can tend to be more lackadaisical.  What we fail to realize

Floor Lamps for Living Room

Choose The Right Floor Lamp for Your Living Room

Lighting always plays an essential role in any exterior or interior space. Without proper lighting, your living room is never complete. Each room in your home requires task lighting, decorative lighting, and general lighting to provide functional and beautiful spaces. For this reason, floor lamps are incredibly essential. With their

Vintage Furniture Pieces Table Lamps

Vintage Home Decor: A Life of Its Own

We happened upon a stash of vintage gilt furniture components imported from Italy. Now all these wonderful old pieces are finding their way into our designs.

Orthoceras Fossil table lamp and orthoceras fossil home decor

Orthoceras: Shelled Marauder of the Seas

Fossils of the Orthoceras are found in Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Morocco, and Antarctica. Usually found in limestone, when polished they develop wonderful black and white contrast and a beautiful shine. We like using them to create our Orthoceras stand home accessories and table lamps. Some designers use larger sections

Ammonite fossils on Lucite bases for home décor

Ammonite Fossils Inspire Wonder

Our new line of home accessories features amazing authentic fossils which provide wonderful texture in any room! And you don’t even have to dig them up yourself! Our most popular have been our ammonite fossils on steel and acrylic stands in sets of three. Beautiful. But how about a little

selenite crystal used in home decor and home lighting

Selenite: A Slice of the Moon

When you walk along the beach, are you one who scans the sands for the most beautiful stone or shell? I am! And when looking at products for the home, there is one geological specimen that especially grabs the eye. It is Selenite. Frequently used to refer to satin spar,

Creating Calm in a Time of Chaos

Creating Calm in a Time of Chaos

Have you ever wanted to create a soothing atmosphere with your home decor? When life feels a bit out of control, it is helpful to surround oneself with items that have history, that have weathered storms.  And even better if those items have TEXTURE! Many will simply say that decorating

Ferro Designs Furniture

Shop Online with Ferro Designs

After nearly twenty years in business, serving primarily the wholesale interiors industry, Ferro Designs LLC is investing resources to bring their line of unique, hand-crafted lighting, furniture, and accessories to their customers through an eCommerce store on their website, “It just isn’t possible for us to bring every style,

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