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Vintage Home Decor: A Life of Its Own

Vintage Furniture Pieces Table Lamps

Do you remember the FUN of scavenger hunts, Easter egg hunts, and stories of buried treasure?  What is it about the thought of something precious and desirable, hidden from sight, waiting for us to DISCOVER it?  All I know is that it is accompanied by a thrill and delight that makes me feel like a little kid!  This is how we approach our search for vintage pieces to incorporate into our lighting, furniture, and home accessories designs!

Let me tell you about one of our recent discoveries!  We have happened upon a wonderful stash of vintage gilt furniture components of carved wood imported from Italy by a company in New Jersey and stored, some since the turn of the last century, until the company went out of business and the factory sold.  Now all these wonderful old, but never used pieces are finding their way into our designs and have tickled my fancy!

Just look at the craftmanship evident in these pieces themselves. I can just imagine the workshop in Italy with the artisans sitting around a worktable, carving, and gilding the wood. Maybe enjoying a little pizza and vino at their lunch break!

Vintage Lamp Components

Since acquiring a stock of these gilt pieces, Mark has been incorporating them into our designs. At our most recent show at AmericasMart, our table lamps incorporating these pieces were IMMENSELY popular! Would you like a peek?  Here are some of our hand-crafted table lamps incorporating these pieces!

Table Lamps Made from Vintage Furniture Pieces

The great thing about these designs, and all designs that incorporate antique or vintage pieces, is the history, the story. Even if a person doesn’t know the actual story, just the idea that the piece was created in the past, belonged to someone, and was part of their heart and home, gives it a charm and a life of its own.

Add to that, the hand-crafted nature of all our products, and you have a lamp or table with made-by-hand beauty, designed and fashioned right here in small-town Tennessee.  Here are some pics of our process!

Metal workers in a metal shop

These products are one of a kind and will not be listed on our website. BUT, they CAN be ordered by phone or email. SO, please give Mark a call at 877-553-3776 or email us at, and we will get a pair of these beautiful, vintage table lamps out to you!

Table Lamp made from vintage wooden furniture pieces

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