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How To Choose The Right Table Lamp For Your Bedroom

Table Lamps for Bedroom

Table lamps are an essential part of your bedroom décor. They provide enough illumination to help turn your boring, dull space into a vibrant yet cozy hub. Sturdy and elegant bedroom nightstand lamps can also make it easier for you to read in bed or simply relax in bed while winding down for the evening. However, choosing the right table lamp for your bedroom can be difficult. There are so many different features, styles, types, and designs of lamps to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is best for you. Luckily, we will answer all the questions, share tips, and make selecting the perfect lamp for your bedroom a breeze!

How tall should bedroom lamps be?

Selecting the correct height for your bedside lamp is crucial, particularly if you enjoy reading while relaxing in bed. If your nightstand height is equal to that of the mattress, pick a bedroom table lamp with a height between 25 and 28 inches or taller if you have high ceilings.

You should also consider your table lamp switch height if you wish to be able to turn your lamp off and on without getting out of bed. The recommended height for the bedside table lamp’s switch should be equal to your arm’s length, which is roughly between 20 to 29 inches.

How many lamps should be in a bedroom?

When it comes to lighting design, your kitchen and living room are generally given much more attention than the bedroom since guests will not typically see the bedroom. Your bedroom is the room in which you start and end your day, so don’t neglect the importance of properly lighting this room.

Incorporating pleasing lighting in your bedroom is crucial to making it a cozy place to rest in the evenings and to rise every morning before beginning your day. As a general rule, you require one nightstand lamp if you are alone in the bed and two if you have a partner. However, if you have a spacious bedroom, two table lamps will offer a good balance regardless of the number of people using the room.

Types of lamp lighting for bedroom

What type of lighting is best for bedrooms?

Like your living room or kitchen, the bedroom requires accent lighting of some sort. Usually, that light is provided by a table lamp, although wall sconces, pendant lights, and floor lamps are other potential options. Your nightstand lamp should be practical, but that certainly does not mean that it cannot enhance the décor of your bedroom.

When choosing a table lamp for your bedroom, you must keep the design features at the forefront of your decisions. With so many options available, you have no reason to select a boring or ugly nightstand lamp. When selecting your table lamp, do keep in mind the height of your nightstand if you plan to enjoy reading during bedtime.

best lamp shades for the bedroom

What are the best lamp shades for the bedroom?

Picking out a lampshade sounds simple enough, but the problem is that lampshades must align with these two things: the base of the table lamp and your home’s décor.

Plus, there are so many to select from when you walk into a lighting store or browse our different table lamp options online. That said, here are some tips for getting the right lampshade for your bedroom:

  • In general, the width of your lamp shade should be at least 2 x the width of the base of your lamp. A lamp shade of appropriate proportions will give a pleasing and harmonious effect.
  • Choose a suitable lampshade material: Lamp shades can be found in various materials including marbled paper, parchment, silk, cotton, and linen.
  • Select the best lampshade colors and designs; choose a color that will complement your bedroom décor. The designs you choose will be influenced by the amount of light you need in the room.

For additional information on choosing the perfect lamp shade, read our blog post HERE.

Shop for Bedroom Nightstand Lamps Online with Ferro Designs

There is nothing more fulfilling than relaxing beside your favorite bedside lamp and unwinding after a hectic day at the office. Select the best reading lamps using these tips to create the relaxing experience you have been waiting for. If you need help finding lampshades and table lamps for your bedroom online, contact us today by calling (877) 553-3776 or by emailing us at We’re always happy to help!

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