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Choose The Right Floor Lamps for Your Living Room

Floor Lamps for Living Room

Lighting always plays an essential role in any exterior or interior space. Without proper lighting, your living room is never complete. Each room in your home requires task lighting, decorative lighting, and general lighting to provide functional and beautiful spaces. For this reason, floor lamps are incredibly essential.

With their ambient lighting and touch, it can increase the usable space in your sitting room. If you have been planning to buy new floor lamps for your living or entire room but don’t know where to start, check out the factors you need to consider to select the right lamp for your sitting room.

Best Floor Lamps for Your Living Room – Entire Room

Lighting up your sitting room is exciting, but it can be daunting too. There are countless decisions to make, from the price point, design, to colors. Selecting the best floor lamps for your living room is crucial in creating livable and beautiful living spaces. The options are endless when it comes to purchasing lamps for a entire room these days. From lamps with Bluetooth capabilities to LED lamps, the list is endless. But with a little research, before you begin shopping, you can avoid the headaches that come with having to deal with less-than-perfect floor lamps for your sitting room.

Here are some factors you need to consider before you buy floor lamps for your living room:

  • Style

    Floor lamps come in various shapes and styles. You have to select one that blends well with the look of your sitting room. For example, if you have a Victorian-style sitting room, then opt for a French country floor lamp. On the flip side, if your living room is minimalist and edgy, select a modern floor lamp that will go well with the surrounding.
  • Size

    This is a crucial factor to consider based on the height of your ceiling and living room size. A very tall lamp will resemble ceiling lighting and will disturb your ceiling. A very short floor lamp will not be enough for your living room. For height, you can consider purchasing an adjustable best floor lamps. Based on how large your living room is, buy a sizeable floor lamp.
  • Scale

    You need to think about the size of your furniture before buying floor lamps. If you have small and simple modern couches, don’t select large floor lamps, which may mess up the interior design balance. The same applies when you have large furniture; a small floor lamp will not do the trick. Additionally, select a floor lamp that can save space but can still blend with your overall living room design.

  • Quality

    Pick only quality floor lamps for the living room as they are durable. Always check the base and stand to see if it’s strong enough not to fall when you move it from one point to another.

Remember, pick the right lamps that will give your living room warmth and glow but will also complement every piece of furniture in the room, including tables, shelves, sofa sets, and other interior décor pieces in your home.

Types of Light in Your Living Room

Different Types of Floor Lamps to Consider

Illuminating the sitting room can be an uphill task since it is one of your home’s largest rooms. If you want guests to linger, incorporate the right floor lamps to make your sitting room inviting. A well-lit living room sets the tone for the rest of your home. Here are the different types of living room floor lamps you need to consider:

1. Standing Floor Lamps

Standing lamps provide an effective way of lighting up your living room. They are generally used by people who want a lot of light in their living room.

2. Swing Arm Floor Lamp

The swing arm floor lamp comes with a lampshade and column base. However, you can adjust on the base’s upper side, allowing the lamp to swing left or right as needed.

3. Pharmacy Floor Lamps

A pharmacy floor lamp directs light downwards, and this makes it ideal for reading purposes. You can raise and lower them as required, plus you can swing them back and forth to your desired position.

4. Arc Floor Lamps

Modern arc floor lamps provide a great lighting solution for large seating areas. Easily recognized by its arching, long body that holds a shade and light bulb at the end, typically above a couch or sofa.

Our Floor Lamps Collection to Brighten Up Your Living Room

Ferro Designs is recognized as one of the best suppliers of innovative, quality floor lamps for commercial and domestic applications. Our most popular floor lamp styles include the following:

Gothic Floor Lamp

Gothic floor lamps are handcrafted from steel and iron and given a distressed finish, offering the even distribution of light everywhere. They are ideal for lighting up the corner of your living room. Bribe your senses with the hand-crafted, high-quality gothic lamps collection from Ferro Designs today. Not available to the retail market.

Square Collar Floor Lamp

The square collar floor lamp is one of our most popular handcrafted styles using original cast iron and steel in our workshop. We apply a textural hand finish to increase visual appeal in your living room. Available in various finishes, the square collar floor lamp is ideal for your living room, bedroom, or any other space that requires style and brightness. Place your order today.

Sphere Floor Lamp

With breathtaking looks, our sphere floor lamps are handcrafted to turn heads. With its beautiful distressed finish and LED bulb capability, our sphere floor lamps will keep your living room illuminated beautifully.

Rectangular Post Floor lamp

Our rectangular post floor lamps are handcrafted from authentic steel and cast iron in our workshop in Tullahoma, TN. They will make your living room brighter at night and give you a sense of warmth with its mild light.

If you need modern, attractive floor lamps for your living room and to improve your interior’s aesthetic, contact us to help you make the right selection today.

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