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Balloon Mold Lamps Promise Playful Style

vintage balloon molds and vintage balloon mold table lamp

Ferro Designs’ vintage balloon mold lamps demonstrate a unique and unexpected look, featuring actual portions of an authentic wood balloon mold. Who knows if perhaps you have played with a balloon off this very mold!  Crafted of steel with an acrylic base, a nickel-plated brass socket, the wood balloon mold, and topped with a natural linen shade, you will find that these table lamps promise both quality and playful style.

There were ancient “balloons” used by Galileo in the 14th century made of pig bladder and used to measure the weight of air, and even more ancient, Chinese paper “balloons” in the 3rd century used as signals during military operations. But, the first rubber balloon was invented by famed scientist Michael Faraday in 1824 for his experiments with hydrogen.  There were no plans for anyone to actually play with any of these!  The manufacture of latex balloons began in London in 1847, but it wasn’t until the 1930s that the mass production of toy balloons began.  This is where our balloon molds come in! Modern molds are made of stainless steel, aluminum, or porcelain.  So, the cool vintage ones are now sought after for home décor, including amazing table lamps by Ferro Designs!

The entire process of constructing these lamps, and the many other styles that we create, takes place in our small shop in Middle Tennessee. The first step is actually the treasure hunt of acquiring all the wonderful materials necessary for our fabulous creations, and what fun!

Vintage and antique iron pieces
Some of our decorative pieces are one hundred years old and come from some far away land, while others have been found in a little shop in a tiny town just down the road!  Customers frequently ask where we get our materials.  The honest answer is “ALL OVER!”

Mark is our designer, and he is always coming up with something new and exciting!  Sometimes I just “can’t see it” initially, but the end result is always amazing (Do I sound like I’m proud of my hubby?)!

Metal sawing in metal workshop

The next steps include some sawing of the steel or iron or wood decorative pieces and sometimes bending on our bending machines.  Something you need to know about steel and iron: they are heavy!  Most of our lamps, because of their quality construction, are built to last, but not necessarily to be easy to move ?!

Arc welding in metal workshopAfter that, plenty of welding takes place.  We have been told several times by customers, that our welder, Tom, does an excellent job.  We think so too!  One of my favorite things to do at the shop is to watch him weld with the sparks flying and the smoke rising!

Polishing metal in custom lighting and furniture work shop

After polishing and finishing are accomplished, it is time for the assembly and wiring to be done, using the highest quality, UL certified electrical components available.

Wiring custom iron table lamp

The finished product is a hand-crafted, unique lamp that you will not find anywhere else.  Find additional product details HERE.

Custom Made Vintage Balloon Mold Table Lamp with Acrylic base and linen lamp shade

We have had dear customers/friends tell us that when they moved, their Ferro Designs lamps went in the family car, not the moving van!  And others have had to replace theirs because their children were given the family home’s Ferro lamps to start their own homes!  These stories give us so much joy!  Among the hundreds of styles in our inventory, table lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces, you are sure to find one that will perfectly complement your home style and simply make your heart happy!

Ferro Designs

Best wishes for beautiful lighting

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