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Creating Calm in a Time of Chaos

Creating Calm in a Time of Chaos

Have you ever wanted to create a soothing atmosphere with your home decor?

When life feels a bit out of control, it is helpful to surround oneself with items that have history, that have weathered storms.  And even better if those items have TEXTURE!

Many will simply say that decorating your home should be about filling it with things that make you happy.  But experts frequently indicate that there is more to it than that.

In her book Welcome to Your World: How the Built Environment Shapes Our Lives, Sarah Williams Goldhagen says that “our brains are constantly seeking cognitive stimulation, looking for patterns and trying to create order.  Items featuring organized complexity (as is often found in nature) and texture are naturally soothing to the mind.”

New York interior designer, Robert McKinley, advocates layering your space with weathered antiques, natural materials like wood, marble, and linen, as well as hand-made furnishings full of texture to produce a comforting space. 

In the same way, New York interior designer Dan Mazzarini, when asked how people are seeking to create comfort in their homes, says, “people are responding to pieces that have an actual sense of history.”

Consider how much texture you have in your home.  Do you have pieces that you just want to touch?  Or things that your eyes delight to scan repeatedly? Do you have a few salvage or antique pieces that you love? 

With all of us spending more time in our homes and endeavoring to make them a place of sanctuary for our families, these are areas in which we can make improvements!

Beginning with my next blog, I will be featuring some of our Ferro Designs home accessories, their unique histories, and ways to create a soothing atmosphere with your home decor. Stay tuned!

Sources: article dated 4/24/2020, “Home, Soothing Home” by Diana Budds article dated 12/7/2018, “Comfort is on Trend” by Melissa Rayworth

Photo credits:  #3 – The Painted Elk; #4 – Anna King and Co; #5 – @athomeonsweetcreek, #7 – Anna King and Co; all others are Ferro Designs LLC




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