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Selenite: A Slice of the Moon

selenite crystal used in home decor and home lighting

When you walk along the beach, are you one who scans the sands for the most beautiful stone or shell? I am!

And when looking at products for the home, there is one geological specimen that especially grabs the eye. It is Selenite.

Frequently used to refer to satin spar, maria glass, and desert rose also, the word Selenite has come to be used in commerce only for the mineral gypsum that is distinguished by its milky-white color, reflective quality, and striated structure. Named after the moon goddess of ancient Greek mythology, it both reflects light and carries a sense of mystery.


It is precisely this sense of mystery that draws many to appreciate selenite, resulting in mining operations in many countries of the world where it forms due to evaporation along hot springs and clay beds. You can purchase pieces in thin wand-like shapes, but the product coming from a mine is more like a section of log. It is truly a wonder to behold!



We buy our selenite in these large log-like sections. Then we carefully divide the sections to maximize the beauty of each piece. The larger of these are then matched as carefully as possible, given that it is a natural object and no two are ever alike, to be built into table lamps and sold as pairs. The smaller pieces are made into selenite stands, sold singly or as a set of three, to provide interest and texture in a room. These certainly are eye-catching!

So next time you would like to add a little mystery to your room’s décor, or maybe you have a friend that loves reflective, white minerals, check out our Selenite Table Lamps or Selenite Stand Sets. They are utterly unique! Almost like decorating with a slice of the moon!

Photo credits:  #2 – Engin Akyurt on Pexels #4 – Javier Trueba, MSF, Science Source; all others are Ferro Designs LLC

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