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The Fleur Scroll Table Lamp: Our Creative Process

Decorative Cast Iron made into a custom iron table lamp

Ferro Designs Building


Today, we would like to open the door of our workshop and welcome you in to see our wonderful lamp building process.  Some of our lighting is created using a vintage piece which could be made of wood, marble, wrought iron, or a geological specimen, but today we will be using a piece of decorative cast iron.


Fleur Scroll Iron Casting

Though a process for making cast iron was developed in ancient times, decorative cast iron pieces like our Fleur Scroll were not widely used in the West until the late 1700s when the process was thoroughly refined, making intricate patterns possible.  Plant-based scrollwork in design (fleur is the French word for “flower”), however, has a long history going back to the days of the Greeks and Romans, when it was carved into marble building facades, incorporated into elaborate mosaics, and painted on pottery and wall murals.

We won’t be painting our Fleur Scroll castings today, but we will give them a multi-step, hand-applied finish that closely resembles a naturally-aged patina, making each piece a unique creation.


Hand Finishing and Welding Custom Cast Iron Table Lamp


Welding a steel tube to the iron casting creates a channel to hide the electrical cord and creates the “spine” of the lamp.  The highest quality UL electrical socket available is then affixed to the top of the lamp, making three levels of lighting available, from soft ambient light to solid task lighting.


Wiring a custom iron table lamp

For a durable, and beautiful foundation, the Fleur Scroll is given an acrylic base with the clarity and brilliance of glass, but much greater impact resistance.

Custom iron table lamp with acrylic base

The final touch is our natural linen shade, designed to diffuse the light gently into your room.

Custom iron table lamp with acrylic base and a linen shade

Ready to enhance the light and style of any room, whether it is French Country, American Farmhouse, Traditional, or Transitional, our Fleur Scroll Table Lamp is sure to please!  Hand-crafted right here in Tennessee with a unique look and exceptional quality, it is also as easy to purchase as a few clicks online.  More info HERE.  Shipping is FREE for all retail customers, all the time, and we’ll offer you 10% off your first order.  So, we’ve welcomed you into our workshop…now may we help you welcome friends into your beautifully lit home?  Welcome them with Ferro Designs.


Ferro Designs Logo

Function and Fantasy:  Iron Architecture in the Long Nineteenth Century; ed. Dobraszczyk

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